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OmagadOmagad ! Greyson has a new haircut !! ♥
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 | 8:17 PM | 0 comments

It is a beautiful haircut, Greyson  
Who have seen Greyson Chance new haircut ? He looks so cute, right? haha, Yeah .. I agree with those who say he's cute. To all those who say his face is very ugly, I know you are jealous because he is more adorable than you, right? Haha. Just kidding.  Everyone has a weakness. I also have a weakness because I'm a normal girl. When I sing, I can not sing high not. Now, I can sing high not when I heard the song sung by Greyson chance. You are my inspiration in the art of music. Although Greyson Chance just an ordinary boy who also has a weakness, but he always looks perfect to me. Sincerely from me, Cute Demon, your fans forever.